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like me watched the hearing and we wouldn't have otherwise had it not been for steven colbert. >> that is wrap on news watch. thanks to our panel. >> good morning everyone, it's september 26th. thanks for joining us, democrats like congress woman betty sutton are unleashing attack ads against the republicans ahead of the election. >> deceptive practices, two f's from the better business bureau, over 160 complaints in just three years. >> is that father game or should they focus on the issue and not personalize, we'll debate that. >> and speaker nancy pelosi blaming the plush backgrounds. shouldn't democrats stop pointing at the last eight
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years and start taking responsibility? >> a town council says the lord's prayer before every meeting and now the a.c.l.u. is suing calling it unconstitutional, should they continue to pray or did this he cross the line. we report you decide. >> chas from maryland, he does not work here. >> fox viewers say, are you sure he doesn't work here. >> no. >> dave is off and so is meteorologist rick, but we have "fox & friends" with aly, clayton and mike jerrick. >> that worked. >> it's "fox & friends." >> chas has tried that before, tried to rhyme jerrick. >> it's hard. >>, but the word sick always gets in there somehow. >> it's prep. >> it's true. >> jerrick and sick. but rick reichmuth, the weather guy is under the wlr. >> he's got the flu and he's out. >> rick is sick. >> and i realize the only benefit of the flu you get to lose like five pounds.
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>> it's mostly water weight, clayton and goes back on if you drink water. >> you make a good points. >> great to have you here. >> it's great to be back. >> in the meantime, let's get right to the news, we've got so much going on this morning and we start with a fox news alert. there's been a bomb blast in afghanistan and killed two n.a.t.o. service members in the southern part of the country and the coalition said at least five insurgents were killed during an operation in the volatile province of kandahar, a manhunt is underway right now for a gunman who opened fire after being kicked out of a college party. it's happened at a house near seton hall, university. jessica moore was killed, four others were hurt and police say the man was kicked out for not paying a cover charge and neighbors say the house has a history of drug-fueled parties. >> a series of incidents in the skies. a delta flight from seattle to
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amsterd amsterdam, had to be-- a gentlemans percent had to be removed. they had to make an emergency landing at jfk because of faulty landing gear. the plane landed in a shower of sparks and no one was hurt. yesterday's bomb scare on board a pakistani flight from toronto to karachi has a hoax. police are still investigating. this afternoon, the tea party gets ready it hold the rally in beverly hells, california. starting at 5 p.m. eastern, they'll take place in front of the famous beverly hills sign on santa monica boulevard. the master of ceremonies pat boone will be joined by figures in the entertainment industry to discuss faith, family and freedom. united nations now has an official alion greeter and we mean of the outer space variety. a malaysian scientist will be named as the earth's first contact for any extraterrestrials that may come visiting, clayton. and she's currently the head
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of the little known office for outer space affairs. i believe you have a future in that office, clayton. >> i do, they need to call me. >> it's interesting that they actually have an outer spaes space. >> if case you visit, go to her. >> was she a wal-mart greeter at one point? >> no, she's an astro physici physicist, i apologize. >> that's all walks of life. >> this is big news, we are going to talk more about it later in the show. in the meantime, what's happening in the political arena. >> isn't it starting earlier this year, i know the negative ads. >> feels that way. >> you know why negative ads crop up every political season. because they work. >> yes, they work. i'm sad that they do work, because why don't we just talk about the issues, i sound like polly anna here, but please, let's talk about the issues, but, no, i attack ads come
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out. and they're starting early and they're effective. >> a lot of people were wondering how the democrats were going to spend the campaign war chest, a lot of money they've raised surprisingly over the summer. how are they going to use it in turns out in the negative campaign ads specifically though going a little deeper, they're digging up some dirt on people, and they dug into some pasts, ohio representative betty sutton called her republican rival a dishonest used car salesman sued more than 400 times for fraud, discrimination and lying to customers about repairs. take a look at this ad. >> billionaire used car salesman todd ganley tried to ride his reputation into congress, he should be trying to hide it, two f's from the bett better business bureau, he's made millions taking advantage of average folks, tom ganley
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will try to sell you on his reputation, with this car salesman it's buyer beware. the democratic party is responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> looks like he'll have steam roll right over you. if you have lawsuits from a former business, if your divorce proceeding was particularly ugly, things they're going to be using, your tax filings, all the losses, reports from the better business bureau, are those valid things you need to know before you cast your vote. >> before you go too far, people get turned off. down in delaware, and i was watching the delaware race between crest teen o'donnell and mike castle. mike's been in politics nor 40
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years. delawarens don't like it. new jersey, they-- >> what are you talking about. >> it did work in new jersey for your point and chris christie, that campaign was one of the most negative in history on tape. and this one in ohio. >> yes, in ohio, from a state rep, or-- he highlights back taxes that his opponent owes, listen. >> and then there's used car millionai millionaire jim r. nacci. he was forced to pay over a million in backs taxes, but he's trying to raise yours with a new 23% national sales tax on almost everything you buy, food, gas, even medicine. hitting the middle class hard. jim renacci out for himself not use. the democratic campaign
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committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> isn't it something that you need to know that they had to pay back taxes. >> they have two months left. what are they going to highlight, point to the votes on health care, point to stimulus, point to bank bailouts. what can they point to that's positive and the negative ads work time and time again. so if you're scrappy right now on the schoolyard, what more choice do you have than to go negative. >> you're saying that because pete sessions says that our best ammunition against the democrats is their voting record right now. that's the opposition research that we'll be using, he said. >> that's why nancy pelosi giving some remarks yesterday, giving a speech to the naacp once again going back and highlighting the bush record. she was there saying and blaming president bush of course for the current economic situation and that seems to be the democratic
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strategy at large. we know that many in our country feel great uncertainty about opportunity in america and wonder about their whole middle class, wonder whether their children will have a brighter future and the growing disparity between income and ownership in this country. our nation has a choice to keep moving forward or go back to the failed policy of the past. >> you don't hear her use president bush's name there, but echoing what you heard from president obama and vice-president biden. talk about p 0 significance research, they must have information that's working and resonating with voters because they say it so often and hammer it home and people were rejecting it, they would have changed their tune by now. that must be why they keep doing it. >> unemployment and poverty and she keeps going back and saying the last eight years and she needs to amend that because you know what i mean. >> it's been two years in at that. >> and then two years of the obama administration. >> and she came into power in 2007, you know, she took office in january of '07 as the speaker of the house.
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how long can you blame the bush administration? >> i could see a year, 18 months. i don't know if you can go a full two years here. >> we've looked at focus groups and information coming out and voters say, you know what, they realize what happened over the past eight years, realized we weren't in a good way, but realized it's 18, 19 months and it's now president obama's mess to clean up and they don't want fingers pointed at people anymore, they want it cleaned up and that's what a lot of the focus groups are showing and polling shows. >> seems like something is shifting and people would like to hear democrats take responsibility. a senior statesman in massachusetts, senator john kerry, john kerry just said, an equity, he gave an interview recently that is not going over well with republicans. here is what he says about why voters are not bonding with
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the democrats policies. he says an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on and people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth on what's happening. >> ouch. >> you can imagine that people are saying that this is another example-- kerry's always tainted with that he's patrician, elitist and not in touch with the regular people. >> a conservative blogger pounced on him almost immediately and william jacobs writes a legal column, legal insurrection, the democrats seeing that the reason people are unset they don't understand, they're not smart enough. that sort of rhetoric just gets people more upset. >> people don't like to be called stupid and clueless, do they, on any level. >> is there a kernel of truth to most people are tuned out to politics, they don't care about the nuances of the legislation, little nuances. >> they're trying to feed their families, bringing in money. >> all they care about whether or not their home is
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foreclosed on and how much money in their wallet. >> tell that it the tea party, the uprising is not because they don't get it they think that politicians on capitol hill don't understand run away spending and debt. they understand run away spending and debt in their own lives. >> in general people understand about the run away spending and larger issues, anyway-- >> and that's the phil johnson, strategist in massachusetts, never known him in talk down to anyone and he says this whole insinuation is absurd for the other side. >> all right, on that note, democrats are sending mixed signals whether or not they'll vote on the tax cuts before the mid term elections. are they playing with people's livelihoods. >> a new documentary highlighting problems in america's education system, listen. >> you wake up every morning
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and you know that kids are getting a crappy education right now. >> so you think that most the kids are getting a crappy education right now. >> i don't think they are, i know they are. that's from the chancellor of washington schools and we talk with one teacher who says the film "waiting for superman" got it wrong, way wrong coming up. ay ♪ ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert. >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." well, members of the house in washington taking a vote before extending that tax cut, the bush tax cut. is it in the best interest for the american people for congress to leave such an issue. here for the debate are tarra dowdell and will, off the page. tarra, for you as a democratic strategist, you pick up "the washington post," front page
7:17 am
news, democrats punt on tax cuts and then we hear yesterday. now they make vote on tax cuts extending them before the election. what's going on? >> well, the house may in fact vote on extending the tax accounts before the election, but it's the senate the long pole in the tent. so what's happening in the senate there's not consensus. so, there are a number of proposals that are being advanced, competing proposals in some instances. some people want to keep the tax accounts only for the middle class and some would like to extend tax cuts for the wealthy temporarily, but the bigger issue for the democrats is they know that the republicans are not going to vote with them no matter what the compromise is, because they made-- they've staked their political fortunes on being the party of hell no. do you buy that, will, are they the party of no, even with tax cuts. yeah, they're the party of no when it comes to rearranging national health care, but not when it comes to tax cuts, please. >> so you think they would be on board with a democratic proposal for tax cuts?
7:18 am
>> yeah, in order to stop the vote for the tax cuts, they would have to filibuster, you have no interest in doing it, if you did, you you would have done it a year ago. >> the president says he wants to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, $250,000 or less. >> the republicans have drawn a line in the sand, look,way want to extend forked wealthy as well and we want to break president obama, those are their words not mine. >> to will's point we're hearing from some centrist democrats who don't want any vote on the tax cuts, because they don't want to have to go to the district and put their hands up ap say this is the way i've voted. >> it's interesting the democrats you've talked about, have actually proposed either a temporary, some have proposed a temporary extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy along with the middle class tax cuts or raising the cap from 250,000, which is
7:19 am
what the president wants to 500,000, so they're trying to build consensus around those proposals, but my larger point, whether you build consensus or not with the democrats we don't have all the votes in the senate. >> we've got amazing refreshing characters now. why haven't they gun through. the democrats are holding tax cuts hostage, they'd rather see middle class income taxes go up than the coming down. >> and instead of name calling, shouldn't he provide a plan himself. that's the question that republicans are asking. >> then the pentagon burns thousands of copies of this book by an army reservist. what they're trying to keep secret coming up. made a majod in the science of color with quattron. by adding a fourth color -- yellow... yellow. banana. the standard rgb color system, quattron produces more colors... banana! ...and makes images brighter. banana! banana! when seen in 3d -- whoa!
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>> thanks for waking up with us on this sunday morning. let's talk more politics now, president obama making his opinions on the republican pleasantly to america crystal clear this weekend. take a look. >> it's grounded in the same warn out philosophy, cut taxes or millionaires and billionaires, cut the rules for wall street and the special interests and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. that's not a prescription for a better future. >> republicans want to know why is he so quick to criticize new ideas when americans speak out about the current policies. we're back with terry dowdell and will cane. does the president have a point? we heard from conservatives who weren't happy from all of their parties pledged to america and heard from tea party members who didn't think it went far enough cutting ear marks and deficit spendings and mike huckabee calling the plan vanilla. you've got mike huckabee
7:24 am
calling your plan vanilla, you've got problems. how about this, i agree with president obama, it's worn out at that point where he stopped. he describes the republicans as nexxis between a libertarian dream and capitalism. if only. my problem with the pledge, it doesn't go far enough. it's weak. i don't want to hear you promising to take full account of medicare. tell me how it's bankrupting the country and how you're going to change it. >> some conservatives believe it could increase the deficit. that's the problem for republicans, you've got will here, republican, saying it doesn't go far enough. >> i think that's a very big problem for the republicans, it goes back to the same approach. they want to advance the tax cuts and they offered no way to pay for them. everybody loves the tax cut and the reality is the budget is busted at this point. and the problem is that the policies resemble those of the past. the trickle down economics and what we had over the last ten years was not trickle down economics, we have trickle up.
7:25 am
i'm happy for the people in this country, god bless you, you're doing well and policies need to focus on the middle class and they're the backbone of the country and incredibly ink sling middle class. >> can we agree that spending is a big issue, we talk about it on the show and only two ways to solve the problem and astute fox viewers, what about cutting spending? we talked about it, no party is going to cut spendingmen. the difference between conservatives and republicans, conservatives have a problem with spending and this promise and this pledge was to reduce spending to 2008 levels, to pre-bailout levels when we only had a 400 billion dollar deficit. gee, thanks a lot. tara, you have nice points to make, you're not the party of fiscal discipline. >> he isn't either. >> that's right. >> and exactly, i think the party-- take a look at the poll, i want your response to the new poll out from president obama. do you approve or disapprove of the job he's doing on the economy. 40% approval rating. >> well, the reality is, i
7:26 am
don't think that the-- all of the spending is ideal. i believe that this spending is filling a vacuum because we have an economy that's based on consumer spending and consumers aren't spending right now. so, the president was trying to fill that gap in order to keep the economy moving and the reality is whether you agree or disagree with his policies, we've seen his growth. and the trajectory is positive. you're right we need to rein in spending, but what we're going to talk about, we need to be candid here, talk about social security, medicare and defense spending and we can't have any sacred cow. i don't think we need to cut social security and medicare, but i think we need to focus on making them more efficient. >> and giving lip service to fiscal difficult tis. >> no, no, medicare, up until four or five years ago was an honor code. we weren't attacking waste in the system until recently. >> final word from tara. thanks, will. >> yeah. >> great discussion this morning and i love to hear
7:27 am
what fox viewers think about it on clayton morris on twitter and send us your thoughts on the pledge for america. and check with mike and aly in the green room. >> it not just us, we'll explain. the pentagon has burned thousands of copies of a book that we'll show you by an army reservist, what they're trying to keep secret next in a live report. >> also, aly victims of a devastating gulf oil spill may get relief sooner than expected. what the man behind the payouts has to say. >> who is more sorry, men or women. >> i would say men, we screw up more than women. >> i would say women, if the answer seems obvious to you, it my surprise you, we'll talk about both of those and financial reform. >> oh, sorry. >> how about some beer?
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7:32 am
>> the same shirt possibly. >> i don't know if his handlers may have noticed it, but a new suit by thursday. >> didn't he pack enough, like no one would notice. he was being photographed everywhere he went. >> have you ever done that, worn outfits on multiple days. >> yeah, and plus i had favorite suits and keep putting them on like a favorite pair of jeans. >> wear them for a week. i had a clothing snafu. i wore this red tie this morning and it crashes, really bad. >> it does. >> and can you tell that on camera that it clashes. >> apparently, yeah, it looks really bad. >> really? >> so, we ran up to my office and grabbed a bunch of ties and we'll leave it to the fox viewers, blue or pink. >> you can't wear pink, that's matchy match economy. >> light blue or dark blue. >> an important decision, folks, i hope you're up to
7:33 am
you, 2010. >> and-- (inaudible). >> and send in a slogan about this chas. >> in you have from the peanut gallery and meanwhile we have to tell you about a breaking story, very curious, the pentagon has purchased copies of an officer's memoirs only to destroy them. and steve centanni joins us with more. what are they worried about. >> the books, they say the reason they burn the copies, it could cause damage to national security. they don't say exactly how, part of it does deal with intelligence information that atta was identified as a threat to the u.s. before the 9/11 attacks and atta of course was the ring leaders of the i a tax and piloted one of the planes that hit the world trade center. now, the operation dark heart was written by tony shaver lt. colonel in the army reserves
7:34 am
claims he told the 9/11 commission about the early identification of atta, but did not appear in their final report, even before copies of the book were burned, schaeffer talked with fox news about this. >> apparently, defense intelligence agency took exception to the way the printed of the book and a second rerue is now underway of book. >> is that unusual? >> it's highly unusual, yes. >> is the defense department trying to block your book. >> at this point they have blocked the book. >> a second version heavily retacted will be published. the defense department burned 9500 copies of the first book, alisyn. >> steve centanni. let me ask steve another quick question about this. >> yeah, we could. >> i think what's so fascinating, it sounds like they signed off on the book ahead of time and allowed it and rolled out and why are they suddenly backtracking here? >> the defense department did sign off on it, the army, that is, and then the defense
7:35 am
intelligence agency looked into it further and they saw that since this was a book, a memoir about tony schaeffer's undercover experiences in afghanistan and covered some things, some activities of the cia, dia, things that are supposed to be undercover, secret, they decided to jump in and say no, the army made the wrong decision and decided to put an end to the book. there's got to be a second version come out with a lot of things heavily deleted and some say minor things that are public information that you can find out on the internet have been deleted and the able danger, identification about that beforehand. so, one side of the military not apparently knowing what the other side is doing, is what it boils down to. >> in this day and age, steve, can you ever get rid of all the information, you in, can you burn all the books, speaking of the internet? >> no, and some of the copies went out to reviewers and they're still out there. >> there you are. >> so-- >> it's going to be printed, reprinted somehow and
7:36 am
interesting stuff this morning. >> thanks, steve. let's get the rest of your headlines, israel's moratorium on building settlements in the west bank ends today. diplomates are trying to prevent this from happening. mahmoud abbas warned you can't have it both ways. >> israel must choose, between peace and the continuation of settlements. >> netanyahu insists he won't extend the settlement moratorium, the news, a slew of-- set off i should say, a slew of protests in the west bank. >> victims of the gulf oil spill should be getting bigger payments. that's according to cass feinberg, to make the payments faster and more generous. the chicago home was searched for 12 hours as part of a
7:37 am
terrorism investigation by the fbi. now anti-war activist says dwas an attempt to silence the peace movement. >> all we ever did was work against u.s. military aid to the government's colombia and israel and support the peoples of colombia and israel in their struggle for justice. >> he and his wife have been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury next month. >> take a look at homes in minnesota destroyed by the recent flooding. there. all residents have been forced to evacuate. it could be weeks before people could be allowed to go back to their homes. 50 years ago today, john f. kennedy and richard nixon squared off in a chicago television studio in the first televised presidential debate
7:38 am
in u.s. history. >> the question before us is, which point of view and which party do we want to lead the united states. >> i know what it means to be poor, i know what it means to see people who are unemployed. >> more than 80 million americans watched, many historians say it helped kennedy who appeared tanned, relaxed and confident, win over nixon looked pale and teared and refused to wear makeup. >> look how sweaty retched nixon is there, he didn't want any-- >> he didn't realize the power of investigation. >> and a lot of people listening on radio thought nixon won, but it wasn't made for-- it wasn't just made for radio. >> he told his handlers, i'm sorry for that decision, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> he learned his lesson. >> and paved the way for you all to wear tons of makeup all the time. >> the blue tie. we threw this online and asked
7:39 am
the question, according to new research women apologize more frequently than men. >> i agree with that, i can see that. >> you do. >> yes, because men are stubborn, even when we know we're wrong, we're just stubborn and don't want to admit we're wrong and women for some reason easily apologize, sometimes apologize for things they don't know wrong. >> i do this all the time and makes it me crazy, it's not for big fights, it's not marital spats, these are minor infractions that women do. i do itten 0 the subway and hate it. i'll be trying to get off the subway and people are in my way way, and i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> why am i apologizing to them, why am i sorry? >> i think they're fake sorry's, like aly sorries. >> she don't mean it. >> a passive aggressive. >> what i mean, i'm sorry, get out of my way. >> when you're in starbuck and
7:40 am
the person is talking on the phone. >> i'm sorry, am i interrupting are phone call? sorry. >> yes, that's what women do, these kinds of things and the reason they say what they figured out is that women, again, due to the minor infractions and we rate offenses more highly than you guys do. >> oh, yeah. >> for instance, when you try to get off the subway, you say out of my way or excuse me. >> right. >> that's why we get more credit. >> and mike backs the study up. for instance, like my dad. mad at me this morning for calling me out on this. my dad didn't apologize in the traditional sense, he just lets it go and hopes that time elapses enough. let's say he and my mom get in an argument where dads give the silent treatment. don't talk the rest of the night and then the next day it's kind of gone, but they don't actually say, i'm sorry. >> no, no, that doesn't count. omission doesn't count. >> you did it two seconds ago and somebody in the studio floor said your high heels are
7:41 am
simply so loud. you said i'm sorry. >> why am i apologizing for the heavy clompy. >> i think that men apologize when they get called out. oh, i'm sorry, that's the way my dad apologizes. >> my plan every day i walk into a room and simply say i'm sorry. i haven't started my day yet. get it out of the way. >> you're about to do something offensive. >> no question i'll do something offensive. >> that's a fact. and we'll have that on the blog at >> coming up on the show, i'm sorry. a town council prays before every meeting. the a.c.l.u. is protesting, we'll look at that next. >> another bailout could be on the way. haven't we learned they don't work as they're supposed to be planned for work. right. i'm sorry for that messed up reading. who is benefitting now, thanks to the government?
7:42 am
we're sorry. >> and plus we're celebrating oktoberfest this morning, with lader hosten and all. >> come on down. >> 200th anniversary of oktoberfest. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪
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♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> thanks for all your votes out there, shelly wrote from indiana her seven-year-old says where is sponge bob squarepants. i'm sorry. and 1.7 million dollars, the price of an ornamental fence installed on the d.c. compound to increase security. like mike jerrick 107 miles per hour the fastest pitch recorded in a major league
7:46 am
ball game. 105 miles per hour. he through it against the padres and don't hit that ball. 12.3 million how much lehman brothers at an auction, sold off art work only by the company. >> clayton has a squarepants tie in his office. horrifying. the beginning of a council meeting in pleasant beach, new jersey, they recite the pledge of allegiance and then say the lord's prayer. >> okay, if everybody would stand for a salute and remain standing for the prayer. our father who art in heff heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kin dom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. they've done this for nearly 40 years and now a.c.l.u. filed a lawsuit to stop it.
7:47 am
a council member in new jersey, have i got that right 40 years? >> at least 40 we can go back to with the people now, but we think it's actually longer than that. >> the lord's prayer. >> nobody has complained until now, a woman has gone to the meetings for years apparently, she says she feels uncomfortable. you know this woman. >> yes, i do. she lives in town and comes on and off to the meetings and like you said coming for many, many years and you know, really had no problem until until now. >> and now the a.c.l.u. says they're suing you to stop this thing. >> yes. >> have you had a meeting since the suit? >> no, we have not. our next meeting is this upcoming tuesday. >> what is going to happen you're going to say it. >> this coming tuesday the lawyer at this point in time has directed us to step back, but that's decided in executive session before the meeting. in other words, right now, it's up it the council. i could speak for myself. i'm going to go forward and
7:48 am
say that he woo should continue with the lord's prayer and continue with the ability to pray at the town hall. >> sharon is jewish. >> yes. >> and she lets us know she feels uncomfortable. here is what the a.c.l.u., the constitution forbids a government entity from showing preference to a particular relation, the prayer recrated is one of the most extreme examples we have seen of explicit preference for christianity. extreme, i don't know about that. what's the compromise? >> some of the court decision has actually gone to the supreme court and stated that we can say a prayer. so we can go-- it was a new jersey case with the town of matouchen. the court ruled we can say a prayer, god bless pleasant point beach, god bless us tonight to make the right decisions. >> what if she asked to stay a
7:49 am
prayer, too, would you allow her to do that. >> absolutely, we live in the united states of america. >> for sure. >> and freedom of speech and if she wanted to say a prayer, i think there would be nothing wrong with that. >> will you let us know what happens at the next meeting. >> i definitely will. >> it will be interesting, maybe we'll send a camera. thanks for that. new documentary highlighting problems in mesh-- america's educational system. it's crappy. excuse me language so early. and one said "waiting for superman" got it wrong. this is one that oprah loves. interesting grooming.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
>> you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really crappy education right now. >> so you think that most of the kids are getting a crappy
7:53 am
education right now? >> oh, i don't think they are, i know they are. >> either kids are getting stupider or there's something wrong with the education system. >> that's a clip from the documentary "waiting for superman", raising a lot of controversy. joining us julie cavanaugh a teacher at public school 15 in new york city and mona davis, from the new york charter parents association. do i have that right. i went to see the movie yesterday. it's very emotional. it's heart breaking because you see all of these kids who desperately want a good education and the system is failing them. now shall the documentary film makers seemed to place the blame at the foot of teachers and the teachers union, who they say have protected really incompetent teachers far too long. let's start with you, julie, you are a teacher, what do you think about that message? >> well, our entire kind can
7:54 am
be found at waiting for superm i think one of the major issues, the film does kind of set up the correlation between student and achievement and unions, it's not true. virginia is a right to work state, finlands touted as being an excellent example of educational opportunity is pro union in a unionized education system. >> you don't think that the unions in this country are protecting incompetent teachers? >> i think when you really get to the issue what we're talking about is tenure and i do agree there needs to be some reforms in terms of the way that teachers are evaluated, in terms of getting their tenure and keeping their tenure. but principals are the once that decides on tenure and without tenure i wouldn't be sitting here today. it's a protection that's absolutely necessary so that teachers can join with parents and advocate with them for their children. >> what did you think about
7:55 am
the message of the reason why kids are woefully underserved? >> well, i mean, i want to say that like you, i cried, it should not take a lottery for a child to receive a quality public education in one of the world's super power nations. >> what you're talking about, is there are these charter schools and parents and children are clamoring in get into that because the public schools are lousy and does it by lottery and ten slots and maybe 200 kids want them. >> for some, for some. an and you know, with this movie following these families and these students, who are highly intelligent. articulate, you know, students around and seeing the heart break that comes where they're trying to find, trying to get a quality education for your child, i mean, it would make anybody cry, but the question is this, it should not be about charter versus district.
7:56 am
charter schools are public schools, district schools are public schools. like the movie says, only one out of five charters are successful, so, neither system is perfect. we need to all sit around a table and talk about fixing our public school system as a whole. >> and since you're so plugged in, what is the answer? >> well, it's a number of things. number one is class size. believe it or not, class size matters, when you look at like jeffrey candidate, carl aicahn charter school in the bronx and they cap the students, and things that charter schools do, the districts need to be able to do that, too. >> the public schools are so crowded. >> exactly, they are. >> go to the website our website if you want to learn more, julie and mona thanks
7:57 am
for coming in and beginning the conversation. >> it's a beginning, it's a start. >> absolutely, pastors across the country could end up breaking the law today. their plan to speak their minds from the pulpit coming up. we'll be right back. ll your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if cars didn't need keys? [ clicking ] if yu could talk to them with this? [ beep ] wouldn't it be cool if you made a legend available to everyone? if there was a step right there? ♪
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call us soon. when you're ready, we're here. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> good morning everyone. it's september 26th. thanks for joining us, the democrats around the country are unleashing attack ads ahead of the crucial november elections. >> by customers by fraudulent and deceptive practices, two f's from the better business bureau over 160 complaints in just three years. >> should they focus on issues opposed to their opponent's pasts? >> another bailout from the government, this time it's saving big credit unions. but can we really afford to add to the deficit? and haven't we learned what bailouts do and don't do? >> they don't work.
8:01 am
>> you think we've learned, but we don't. >> forget about mom or dad being their first words, listen to this, a growing number of kids are learning to swear by the ages of three years old. >> what the-- >> and, yeah, what's behind the potty mouthed potty trainers? we'll take a look. >> our slogan from katie in illinois, i don't mind using my exercise bike if i can watch aly and clayton and mike. we're helping you lose weight, america. >> this is steve lawson, you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you so much. can you smell what mike is cooking? mike jerrick is here in for dave briggs. >> it's good to be here. do you watch tv while exercising. >> i must. >> i've tried to do it while running on a treadmill in philadelphia, there was a room full of probably 50 mostly women and i had to go to the
8:02 am
front and watching tv and trying to change the channel. >> you fell off. >> i fell off and slid off the other end of it. >> we're going to try to get the security camera footage on that. we're excited about this, at the end of the this hour, 8:50 a.m. eastern time leslie cane is here. an investigative journalist, spent ten years interviewing military and government officials who went on the record and talked about experiences with ufo's and she's going to be on to talk about it. >> fascinating. >> wake up the kids and grandma, 8:50 this morning. >> in the meantime we have some news headlines for you, let's show you what's happening at this hour. two n.a.t.o. troops were killed after an ied exploded in southern afghanistan, in addition, five insurgents were killed during a separate operation in kandahar. so far, the deadliest year of the war. more than 530 international far as forces have died.
8:03 am
gunman opened fire after being kicked out of a house. 19-year-old jessica moore was killed. four hurt and the man was kicked out for not paying a cover charge. and neighbors say it has a history of drug fueled parties. >> a series of incidents in the skies to report for you, a delta flight from atlanta to westchester county new york, had to make an emergency landing at jfk airport because of faulty landing gear and the plan did land safely in a shower of sparks, no one was hurt. a delta flight had to turn around after a takeoff because of an unruly passenger, taken to a medical facility. yesterday' bomb scare on board a pakistani flight to karachi was a hoax. fighting lawsuits filed by workers at ground zero 124 million dollars in legal fees,
8:04 am
one of the biggest tabs of legal fees in billable hours. an auditor discovered routine ov overcharging on the time sheet and charges 585 per hour for services. those are your headlines. >> let's talk about attack ads. >> they're on. >> they're on. you know you're almost at election day when you start to see the attack ads roll out. that's what's in the democrat's arsenal. they are resorting to, this is the new tactic, restaorting to attack ads and apparently involves calling somebody a used car salesman. >> they both called their opponent. you're like a used car salesman. and here is he is a used car salesman and questions about fraud and sued. >> and highlighted that in the ad. but we also have one from arizona, here is a new one we
8:05 am
haven't showed you and this is from arizona, representative harry mitchell telling his opponent being a predatory. >> real estate. >> agent taking advantage of 300 people, take a listen. >> politician david schwiegert, as treasurer he had a record of mismanaging our money and now a predatory real estate speck later and snatched up nearly 300 foreclosed homes and then cited for neglect and even evicted a home other on the verge of saving his house just to make a buck and experts say teams like swiek cart. hurting us, helping himself. . >> inflammatory words there, predatory and made sure they got that upfront. >> honestly we always see negative ads in all campaigns, but what makes this difference, the new york times says it's starting much earlier and the opposition research, which is what it's called when you go negative on your opponent, is so much deeper, what they're diving
8:06 am
into this year, they're going to, using old lawsuits that have been lost against you and using your old tax records and reports from the better business bureau, let's say you were a small business person in town before you went into politics, digging up old claims against you and even using, this is where i think this gets truly out of bounds, divorce proceedings. you know how acrimonious those can be, people can accuse their spouse of anything. you think that in the attack ad, is that relevant. >> they don't want to talk about the economy. >> or health care. >> what it's can going to come down to, or health care. >> what else are they going to run on. the tactic from the democrat ib leadership seems to go after and talk about the last eight yooers of the bush administration, do you want to go back to that and the other is go negative on your opponent. one of the other interesting things they're not talking about of course is the bailout. bailouts for banks and trying to save it. if democrats were smart they might have talked about the bailout for gm. gm would have gone completely under. something they haven't done or even talked about and focused
8:07 am
on. >> isn't that what it's going to come down to? do you believe that the stimulus worked and the bailouts worked or don't you? some people believe it did create jobs saved. 3 million, et cetera. why didn't you come down to that. do you believe it worked or not? let's go that way. >> it's a difference and some people say they had the bailout not happened there would have been a global financial meltdown, much more epic than even what we saw. so, what we're learning today, is that there's another bailout that's happening, 30 billion dollars going to the wholesale credit unions, that apparently got in trouble by doing the exact same things that some of the banks got in trouble for, that is taking, you know, risk taking, too much risk taking and that's the most infuriating point about this which you bring up. the credit unions are the same reasons that the banks got into trouble by putting a lot of money on these risky mortgage-backed securities. >> right. >> and all of the risky schemes, so they were buying all the bonds that had weird
8:08 am
mortgages tied to them and went belly up and trying to gamble with people's money and why should the government come in and throw mon to save them. >> 27, 28 went belly up. now what do we do with the ones that are left? well, the federal government says well, we'll spend it, we'll help you and watch that. >> what's curious, obviously, is that the tolerance for bailouts has plummeted since they started two years ago, and it obviously, even tarp under president bush, so, now, what seemed like a desperate measure in desperate times, people have soured on this and yet, still today, another announcement of one. >> yeah, just for some history lesson, you can throw this up on the screen. some other government bailouts we've talked about. >> look at the laundry list. >> how about fannie and freddie. 108 billion dollar, auto companies, aig, 48 billion and being up the toxic assets and
8:09 am
remember when that was the phrase du jour, i wanted to ban that phrase, but never got around to it. let's talk about clayton's favorite story. >> yes, lay it on us, man. >> listen to this, well, this isn't one of my favorite stories, what we have coming up at the end of the hour is. >> relates to it, though. >> it does and it's off-beat and weird. the united nations, a place where nations come together. >> and unite. >> an and they unite under the united nations, they have now appointed an earth contact for aliens. >> just in case, right. >> just in case we are visited by somebody from another planet or galaxy. >> i love it finally the united nations is being proactive and doing something to prepare. they need a plan in place in the event that someone tries to make contact from another world. >> hold on. when you put it that way, you know, let's say we are visited. >> yes. >> first thing, people were
8:10 am
going to say why aren't we prepared. >> why didn't we have someone that had an office we could go to. >> that's absolutely right, she's an outer space liaison. and she's the person when they say take me to your leader. she is the leader who will communicate with them. do they know that? how are we telling the outer space creatures to get in touch with her? >> i would imagine once they land, somebody calls her mazlan you're not going to believe this, they're here we need to fly you where this is. >> you thought you had three weeks in bermuda, but they're here. >> what does she have in the bag by the dog. >> reese's pieces. >> take me to your leader. >> keep packed at all times. >> and i hate when i-- it drives me nuts when you
8:11 am
have a lot of media outlites will do the ufo stories leak "x-files" music underneath it. >> like we're doing now. >> no, we're not. >> no, you have like government officials who have done on the record. ronald reagan himself went to the united nations and spoke and talked about being visited by aliens in front of the united nations. wanting a plan. >> wanting a plan and they said they've now actually come up with the coordinated response. it does stand to reason. >> hundreds of new planets have been discovered and increasing the likelihood that life will be on one of the planets. >> and the vatican says the same thing. >> at the end of the hour set your clocks, we'll be talking about it. republicans pledged, but does it go far enough, will it help them to win in november. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is here next. >> i know him. >> you know him. >> yes, i do. then, remember your child's
8:12 am
first word? well, growing number of children saying swear words as their first words. not mommy, not mommy, but (bleep). >> what did you just say? >> wow, why the early potty mouth? >> there's a reason. we'll explain. details ahead. ♪ ring ring. progresso.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
>> and it's 8:15 eastern time. this week, republicans revealed their pledge to
8:16 am
america and many are wondering if it will help the party as much as the 1994 contract with america. >> joining us is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. >> hey, chris. >> guess what i have here, the pledge to america, 45 pages, very glossy, lots of nice pictures, lots of nice words. it's an interesting document. >> it's an interesting document, but there has been some criticism as you're well aware and yesterday mike huckabee on the show describing it vanilla and conservatives satisfying it doesn't address ear marks and deficits. you're going to have john boehner on the show today, a big get. what are you going to ask him? >> i'm going to ask him why it doesn't address ear marks and has no specific proposals for the entitlements where most of the pony is not a single proposal in the 45 pages about social security, medicare, medicaid, entitlements, part of the problem you can't get buy in by all of your members
8:17 am
and while ear marks are unpopular with voters and boehner pushed through a one year moratorium on ear marks, there are a lot of republicans, techly some of the top appropriators if they get back in charge want to go back to ear marks. >> and chris, i'm curious, you know, when newt gingrich did this in 1994, it was so-- it was so ground breaking, it was so monumental. i remember that day of the announcement, how was the news of this pledge met in washington d.c.? >> it's not nearly as big a deal. you've got to remember when the democrats took-- or rather republicans took control of congress in 1994 was the first time in 50 years that republicans had had control of the house of representatives. it had been one party rule in the house for half a century, you know, the republicans have been out of control of this house now just for four years and the main point they're trying to get across and there's a question, as you say, among conservatives whether they've made that
8:18 am
point is whether or not they have learned their lesson. they were in charge until 2006, but there are a lot of republicans who felt they lost their way, that they were just as involved in big government and big spending as the democrats were and one of the points they're trying to make here look, we get it and we learned our lessons. the republicans are pursuing an 80-20 strategy. 80% of focus on bashing the democrats, hitting the democrats record. 20% and presenting an affirmative message. he think that the fact that this exists more than what's in it is the real key. this gives them the 20% so when democrats say they're the party of no. they can say no, we're not. read this. >> read the 45 pages, plus pictures. who else do you have on, chris. >> well, a great show. we'll have exclusive interviews not only with john boehner, but kevin mccarthy, the congressman from california, one of the prime authors of this and an
8:19 am
exclusive response from the house majority leader, steny hoyer, the democratic leader and obviously if the republicans win then john boehner becomes the next speaker and he's going to do everything he can to prevent that. and check out fox news sunday at one of the biggest-- >> or just go to fox news. >> sometimes if you listen to the cavity in your teeth, you can hear it in your fillings. >> about these giant ears he can pick up a.m. and fm stations. >> thanks. >> pastors across the country could end up breaking the law today. speaking their minds on politics today. the controversy decision coming up. >> do you think that ufo's are nonsense, you won't after you take a look at this video. hundreds of people witnessed this, including some high ranking military officials, we're talking to the author who introduced dozens of government officials for finally breaking their silence
8:20 am
about ufo's. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia,
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8:23 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." a couple of quick headlines now for you. spokesman for the online whistleblow whistleblower wikileaks says he's quitting. he doesn't like the direction of the site. wikileaks is responsible for releasing thousands of u.s. documents for the war in afghanistan. the first of three rescue capsules built to bring out the miners, used to bring them out one by one hopefully in november. they're been trapped there six
8:24 am
weeks and originally thought they'd be out after christmas. mike and aly. >> thank you very much. it's against the law for religious leaders to talk politics from the pulpit. goes back it 1954, that law. this morning, nearly well, 100 pastors across the country are taking part in something called pulpit freedom sunday. challenging what the government says, can and cannot be said in church from the pulpit. >> fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris is here. >> good morning. >> tell us what is happening today. >> let me first clarify it's not that pastors and priests can't speak about politics. >> okay. >> they can't endorse or oppose political candidates. of course, since 1954 amendment, but what's going on right now, a hundred pastors are standing up and say we should be able to say whatever we want and they're fearful the government is going to come in and take away the tax exempt status and to say, hey, be careful what you say, watch-- and he think this is important
8:25 am
distinction, i should never be pushing one candidate or another and if i start turning my church into a political organization, yes, i should not have political tax exempt status, but should i be able to talk about policy, what's good tore humanity. >> you better believe it. if a government is starting to take away that freedom, we need to stand up. >> they can't wear a button saying vote obama from the pulpit? >> this specific fight which is being led by the alliance defense fund saying that pastors should say what they want without fear. they're going more than i would want to do in my own church. >> have the pastors, a growing trend they've been taking more risks and delving into politics? >> sure, there are certain traditions in the united states. for example, a lot of the african-american churches we know that president obama's experience in chicago are mow socially active and can gear
8:26 am
themselves towards political issues. now, i think it's very important, we have to stand up for pastors and priests to be able to stand up and say this policy goes against the dignity of human beings. what is the irs, the irs is watching out, for example. what if they were taxing us 90%? people generally 90%? pastors and priests should be able to say this is a usual of religious, of moral, of ethical importance. we need to stand up and not have the government say, hey, you're religious people, you can't talk about real life stuff. >> hey, father, i know you saw this new study that said that religion is good for your health. >> that's right. >> can you explain a little bit. i understand completely, i get it. >> this specific study was actually talking about if you leave a religious tradition that's important to you and bigger part of your life. >> sure. >> hopefully like a balanced religious experience, it's always good to leave an abusive cult-like experience. good for you health. but it's a balanced, important part of your life.
8:27 am
if you leave it the medical study says your health is not going to be better, but worse. >> they followed people more than 20 years. >> yeah. >> aen this he followed people and those who stayed in their organized religion and they didn't specify which ones particularly continued to report they felt healthy and good hell. those who left, their health, they reported declined. however, it was-- >> if i'm a part of a new age group who has had a vague since of spirituality and i leave it it's not going to be part of may life. we are what the psychological, and we have elements intertwined. if our physical health is bad, then so is our psychological
8:28 am
health. >> the ten commandments, if we follow the ten commandsments do you think we are going to have better off physically, emotionally, spiritually, probably. respect to your parents, lindsay lohan, for example, just respect her parents, and stay out of trouble. >> yes. >> and-- >> i don't know about her parents. >> i see a future best selling books for, you the ten commandments diet. >> wait a second, thou shall not-- >> co-authored by mike. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. >> check this out. amazing images of a storm that rolled over a college campus stopping a college football game. more of these invebl photos coming up. >> you know, i saw part of this game. it was freaky. starbucks is raising its prices and they're one of the last ones to do this though, coffee makers, but starbucks going to have to raise their coffee prices, but we've
8:29 am
talked to some baristas, and they have secrets to get rnd a the up in the price of coffee. >> secrets they don't want you to know. we're celebrating the 200th anniversary of oktoberfest, stay tuned there will be more lederhosen and probably some beverages. >> caffeine and beer. >> perfect. ♪ ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," hey, look, the shot of the morning. >> showing a lot of, well, dectage. >> that's not henne, she stepped out looking like the secretary of state. and i don't know if you can go to the last banner, look at the shoes, drop the banner, she's wearing the giant heels that she always wears. >> why does she do that? >> i don't know what lady gaga looks like. >> i don't either. >> her look morphs. so much, i couldn't pick her out of a lineup. >> every day, she had a concert in philadelphia, two nights and we got some footage on youtube, she came out dressed as an o'cedar mop it
8:34 am
looked like. like the head of the mop and flopping around, but she is talented. >> and creative. >> all right. >> and she's running for, running for election. >> and meanwhile, bad news for parents this morning, okay, there used to be a time when your kids hit teenage hood you had to be concerned about their language, perhaps get more colorful or offensive and had a talk with them what was appropriate and not appropriate. there are new studies that children are cursing much earlier, as early as three years old. children are beginning to say with frequency curse words. according to research a psychology professor at college liberal arts, with this data now they're seeing kids by the time they're going to school for the first time, they're saying words that we try to protect them from saying for up until their teenage years. >> i know that i (bleep), yes, and i'll say that again, (bleep), so instead of saying
8:35 am
mommy it's mother (bleep), you know what, hold on i didn't-- >> hi, mom. >> well, it's obvious, you see why, you can't walk down the street or any street in america now. >> before they could even have a bottle, they're swearing in new york. >> in utero they're swearing. mike, you raise an interesting point. this is not because people are using bad words on television, not because they're seeing it in a tv show, it's their parents. >> it's their parents cussing. >> cussing over that. >> and using bad words much more often than the generation before us did. >> everybody cusses on the street. i don't care where you are in this country in the rural area, too, especially young people. >> yeah. >> the f-bomb is being dropped all over the place. >> they think it's cool. i rer in nine or ten years old and i was in the kitchen with my mom and cooking dinner and i said, mom, what age can i
8:36 am
start swearing, i asked her like i was asking for permission to swaer. >> what did she say. >> a great answer, she said well, no age is really appropriate to swear, why do you think-- >> i thought when i turned 16 i could get the car keys and start dropping f-bombs. >> i never heard my parents cuss. >> i think i could county on two fingers, i heard my parents cuss. >> and they say now, i don't know who, curse more time. >> my mom sweared one time when i quit mcdonald's and how are you going to pay for your gas money, how are you going to pay for all that and then she used a swear word. and friends at fox bleeping >> and israel building
8:37 am
settlements-- they'll lay a cornerstone to signal the end of the ban. the move has u.s. diplomates trying to save peace talks. they'll pull out of the talks if they start building the settlements again. urging the obama administration to do more to calm the drug violence in new mexico. they want to use u.s. military and intelligence resources on the border, saying that the surveillance techniques can help root out truck traffickers. luger speaks in indiana today. a new poll is out in the texas governor race. the dallas morning news poll finds the governor rick perry has a small, but solid lead. perry leads former houston mayor bill white 46 to 39% and perry is bidding for a third full term as governor and counting on the republican
8:38 am
leanings to push him through. check out that's amazing photos out of manhattan, kansas, that is. the dark swirling clouds brought lightning near the kansas state campus, delaying the name against central florida. one described the clouds as angry looking. >> yeah, you know, right there that looks like harry potter and the death eaters came out of the clouds. it does look like that. more than had a half an inch of rain fell and kansas city won the game 17-13. >> i was watching some of the game and showed is rolling in. it was weird and sped it up in the highlights, it was very freaky. people were scared because that's tornado alley of course. >> a man dressed as elmo is attacked at a florida music store who thought he was posing a threat to him. according to police it's not wise to mess with elmo, and
8:39 am
seen in happier time with sarah jessica parker, ended up breaking two fingers and the fight caused several thousand dollars worth of damage and elmo is said to be okay this morning. >> and four fingers. >> what? >> he got punched in the face and his nose got all red. terrible. now tell me your four finger jeks. >> don't characters like elmo don't have four fingers. >> i'm not sure he has fingers, he has little paws or something. >> isn't it cartoon characters only have four fingers or homer simpson. >> okay, get back to us on that. >> coffee, one of our favorites things to have. >> you better believe it, i love my coffee, no question about it. >> mike has already had five espresso's this morning. i had espresso. >> that's how he got wound up and a lot of things you don't know about starbucks and there are things in a new report that starbucks doesn't want you to know about the way in which you order the drinks or food from starbucks and this is what's known as the poor
8:40 am
man's latte, you order an espresso drink, a latte, typically, all it is is espresso and whole milk mixed together, steamed or ice, whatever mixed together and get this, instead of doing that, go in, order espresso over ice, just say i'll take espresso over ice and walk over to the coffee bar and pour in your whole milk yourself. >> i get the vanilla latte $4.50 now. >> even a small almost $4. do it yourself. a homemade latte and you said what, 1.80. >> yeah. >> and also, i hope you're not eating too much food at starbucks because they say that, as you know, they have lots and lots of treats. caloric intake is huge. they have produce like apples and bananas add a huge markup
8:41 am
and what crafty vendors have done set up produce stands right around the corner or outside for 20 cents you can get that apple or that banana, if that's what you were going to get and if you were going to get some frozen-- i mean, the baked goods frozen at starbucks. >> and they have the turkey sandwiches and the breakfast sandwiches those are frozen they arrive in the morning and pull them out of the plastic bag and put them in the microwave. i have caught myself buying a banana, and it's like a buck. a whole bunch for a buck, but i-- apparently starbucks is going to raise prices, too, but that cup of coffee, a buck 50, that's going to stay the same. >> everything else is going up. >> you can can't get something smaller tall, the short, the shorty. >> that's even cheaper. >> and it's on the menu and a lot of people who don't want to pay for wi-fi at home and want to work with a laptop.
8:42 am
you can work at starbucks for free with wi-fi, get one of the cards, discount cards they've got up front and put on $20 up there you're going to buy coffee anyway and get the free wi-fi. >> and that's why you see people in there for eight hours at a time. >> that's right. >> i think people-- >> and you were in there sleeping. >> let us know if of' done any of that. e-mail us at a school facing a 10 million dollar bullying lawsuit after saying their child got post traumatic stress disorder from being picked on. judge jeanine pirro will weigh in. >> the "it" ingredients demi moore are using to look like this stay healthy and prevent aging. we'll tell you what the new "it" ingredient is. >> is it an iphone? . mary: does this dress make my backside look big?
8:43 am
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>> welcome back to headlines
8:46 am
for you. six people were killed and hundreds hurt after a sudden storm rips through haiti. thousands of tents were shredded and homeless camps. 1.3 million people living this those camps after their homes were destroyed in january's devastating earthquake. and pharmaceutical company amgen now recalling hundreds of lots of anemia drugs, this after discovering vials of the medicine might develop tiny glass flakes causing blood clots. they're recalling those voluntarily as a precaution. here is aly. >> you want it know why stars like sharon stone and demi moore look so good they turn to this man to stay young and beautiful and healthy ands' sharing his secrets with us, the "it" ingredient to help you looking young. >> thanks for having me. >> rez var trol is the "it"
8:47 am
iningredient. doctors say it's in red wine and drink red wine and you found new ways to get it into the system. >> the red wine has 1/2 of 1 milligram of the active compound in it. so, a juice like this, that you can find at wal-mart or sam's club has 25 to 30 milligrams, so, about 50 times the amount than a glass of wine. >> can i taste it, you poured a cup there. >> absolutely. >> what's so magical about the ingredient. >> there's two main things that it does, it stimulate a gene in the human body, the gene that stops us from aging, slows down the aging process by approximately 30% and there's been a tremendous amount of research that's been done on this. the second thing that it does, it strengthens and feeds and it cleanses the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. so i brought you 20 clinical
8:48 am
trials today and all the clinical trials speak to what i'm talking about. >> it tastes like grape juice. a little bite. >> do i look younger? >> yeah, you do. >> now, you can also find this ingredient in pomegranates, it's pomegranate and fruit, blue brings and grapes. >> the skin, it's always in the skin of a cranberry or a grape or a blueberry, but the interesting thing, the highest source on the planet comes from japan. the japanese knot weed, a weed that grows wild. >> we're supposed to drink it rather than apply it. >> yeah, if you apply it to your skin, also, it's amazing, you'll have the age spots or wrinkles start to diminish, it's a super, super antioxidant. >> does that explain sharon stone and demi moore. >> they exercise, eat right,
8:49 am
do the things that a lot of people don't want to do, it's discipline, right. >> i hate to hear that. that's a bummer. so, i mean, basically your message is, that while we used to be told to get it in red wine the amount you have to drink and obviously has ill effects on our health. >> there are doctors telling people to get it, drink three glasses red wine a night. that's 1 1/2 milligram and three glasses of wine seven nights a week is not something i would recommend to anybody. >> you can go to wal-mart, walgreens, sam's club, buy 64 ounces for under $7. >> excellent. okay. well, when you see me next weekend, i will look much younger. dr. lindsay duncan. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> the pentagon burned thousands of copies of a book by an army reservist, what they're trying to keep secret coming up.
8:50 am
take a look at the pictures, the ufo that you see there was witnessed by hundreds of people back in 2006 over chicago's o'hare airport. pilots witnessed it, military officials witnessed it and the f.a.a. admits it was on their radar. the author who has spent ten years interviewing government officials who saw this strange sighting is here to tell us about it next. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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8:53 am
>> all right. here it is, my favorite segment of the morning. real or a hoax? the question comes up whenever ufo's are mentioned, but now new support that may surprise you. tomorrow, former military personnel are speaking out for the first time on camera about their personal experiences
8:54 am
with ufo's in washington d.c. investigative journalist leslie cane has been studying this for year. the author of the new book "ufo's, generals pilots and government officials go on the record" she's here to talk about it. >> great to see you, clayton. >> you spent ten years working on the book. five different military generals you interviewed in the book. how did you manage to pull this together? >> as you've said, i spent a long time working on it and published lots of stories on it in mainstream media and started to reach out to high level contacts, military generals around the world and government officials who investigated this and made it a point to get the most official and highest level data i could go the subject. >> what i love about the book, you don't put any stories in the book that are, that could be argued with. you call yourself a ufo skeptic, none of the stories in the book, you say, can be argued with. >> i agree with you. the evidence is some kind of physical phenomenon and well documented through the book with witnesses, ground traces
8:55 am
left by things that land. >> and airline pilots, airline pilots. >> right. >> officials and so forth. let's start with one actually at chicago o'hare airport in 2006 witnessed by dozens of people there at o'hare. and pilots as well. tell us what happened at this one that ended up shocking a lot of people. >> absolutely. there was a disc hovering over the united airlines terminal, a round metallic looking disc a lot of people said, hovered there five minutes minimum and suddenly shot straight up through the clouds above it and left a crisp hole in the clouds and people could look up and see the blue through the clouds and that's what happened. a lot of people saw it and none of the witnesses would go on the record, they're worried about ridicule. >> and pilots were worried about losing their jobs as well. some other people in phoenix were worried about losing their jobs for going on the record about the phoenix life. one of the most famous ufo encounters ever. take a look at the video. thousands of people witnessed it over phoenix, you in the book interviewed the governor
8:56 am
of arizona at the time about this, right? >> absolutely, not at the time, but years later. he is in fact probably one of the most famous witnesses because as you is a said, he, too, was afraid of ridicule and saw the objects people saw. didn't say anything about it for ten years,ten years later he decided it was time to make amends to the people he had withheld this information and important to the people of ear air they know he was one of the people that saw this, as well. >> he's featured in the book and also in the book is mcminnville, oregon, goes back to 1950. way before photo shop. what are we seeing. >> thises taken like with a brownie camera. the farmer and his wife in the middle of nowhere, saw the disc and got the camera and took very, very incredible photographs that have been well documented and studied by laboratories for decades. >> and if you're sitting there as a skeptic read it from beginning to end and make decisions about it. the book is great, called ufo's, it's out now. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. coming up on the show, senator
8:57 am
john kerry says it's not the democrat's fault that they're dipping in the polls. it's clueless voters, oh, really? said that yesterday. who else is getting blamed coming up. $ ♪
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>> alisyn: that's our special music, good morning, it is september 26th and we're talking about oktoberfest, later on, that's g.o.p. unveils the new pledge to america, democrats are still focused on the past, house speaker nancy pelosi, again looks backwards, blaming the bush administration for current problems, is it time to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility. >> we'll report, you decide this morning. >> you'll meet a woman, convicted out of a polling place because of this tea party shirt, she was told it is policy and the lawyer says the rules do not apply. who is right, can you wear a tea party shirt to vote? and they didn't use the right
9:01 am
standards. they are here, next. >> a documentary calling public schools crappy, waiting for superman. >> there is alley, clayton and mike jerrick is our slogan of the morning. the morning. ... captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> clayton: it's the 200th anniversary of oktoberfest, and, we want to thank people at the parade, here in new york city and the bavarian dancers were kind enough to come this morning and brought the beer... you know, is this the year ruth
9:02 am
westheimer... >> she was doctor, dr. ruth was there, but she was too drunk to come in this morning! >> alisyn: stop it! she is lovely. we loved having her here. >> clayton: i didn't have my coffee this morning... >> alisyn: that is... >> clayton: look at all the steam coming off of it. >> alisyn: join clayton in putting on your lederhosen today. >> is that dark beer. >> alisyn: you are worrying me for the next hour. we'll deal with whatever medical conditions develop over here. >> my lederhosen are too tight. >> chris: alisyn can help you. >> alisyn: no, here's your headlines, we start with a serious story, two nato troops were killed after an ied explodes in southern afghanistan and five sinner gentlemen were killed in kandahar, so far, this is the deadliest year of the war, 530 international forces have died.
9:03 am
the pentagon purchases thousands of copies of an army officer's memoir only to destroy them, in an effort to safeguard state secrets, steve centanni joins us from washington. explain what the defense department is worried about. >> reporter: they claim it could cause damage to national security if the original book came out and they don't say how but part of the book deals with intelligence information on mohammed atta, identified as a threat to the u.s., before the 9/11 attacks occurred. now, he, of course was the ringleader of those attacks and piloted one plane that did hit the world trade center. the book, "operation dark heart" was written by tony schaeffer, a lieutenant colonel in the army of reserves who claims he told the 9/11 commission about the early identification of atta but it did not appear in the final report and before copies of the book were burned, he talked with fox news about i. >> apparently, the defense intelligence agency took exception to the way the army cleared the book, and, the
9:04 am
second review is now underway of the book. >> unusual. >> hail unusual. >> dwhins department trying to block your book. >> at this point they have blocked the book. >> reporter: the second version, heavily redacted willed be published and the pentagon confirmed it burns 9500 copies of the first edition. >> alisyn: what does the defense department say about the scandal. >> reporter: more efforts are under way to deal with the book's contents but according to a spokesperson, unfortunately, she says, someone close to the press had the opportunity to finish working with the publisher in a corrected version and the department of the defense has worked to mitigate the resulting effects of the disclosure and the army approved the book, the original book for release but, then, the defense intelligence agency stepped in and said, no, wait a minute, stop the presses. that is where we stand.
9:05 am
>> alisyn: oh, boy, sounds like a lack of communication. lansing for helping to explain all of that, steve. meanwhile, there is a manhunt underway at this hour for a gunman who opened fire after being kicked out of a college party near seton hall, university in new jersey and one student, 19-year-old jessica moore of virginia was killed and four others were hurt and the man was kicked out for not paying a cover charge and neighbors say the house has a history of drug fueled parties. victims of the mexico oil spill should start getting bigger payments more quickly, ken feinberg says he is implementing new procedures to make payments faster and more generous and so far, only $400 million have been paid, from the $20 billion fund, set up by bp. and, lawyers hired by the city of new york have collected $124 million in legal fees, it this is biggest task by a legal team,
9:06 am
and willing records show an auditor discovered routine overcharging on the firm's time sheet and the firm charges $585 per hour for its services. democrats are facing a potential wipe out of midterm elections, hope a new logo can turn around their fortunes. dems around the country are touting the logo, a d in a circle, with the word, change, that matters. underneath i and the party heads say the redesign is went to deemphasize washington and reconnect democrats with every day voters. >> what do you think of the "d" with the circle around it. >> clayton: it looks like the obama colors. >> and the "o"... >> dave: the older logo is tired. >> alisyn: gets the point across. >> clayton: you know what it is, let's talk about that and we'll see the ds and rs, right around
9:07 am
the election, or just after we start to see potential opponents take the helm and decide whether they'll run for president and the groundwork is being laid. >> and any time, somebody may be running for office shows up in certain states, like the square one in the midwest... iowa? oh, you must be running for president, or the long one, new hampshire, and apparently mitt romney was there and sparked the debate, is he starting to run for president in 2012 in by showing up in the state of new hampshire? i would say yes. >> alisyn: here's what mitt romney had to say. he talked about president obama, and his first two years in office, he said have been an abject failure and instead of focusing on the economy he used the crisis as cover for his agenda. so, yes, it sounds like he's lobbing the opening salvo of a political campaign. he is doing it in new hampshire and everybody thinks -- and many
9:08 am
people say he's a front-runner. >> clayton: sarah palin traveled to iowa, a buck party tradition doing things outside of the mainstream way but is still seeding and bucking the g.o.p. trend, and mike pence who will be on "meet the press" this morning may have some important announcement this morning about him from indiana, and newt gingrich has been in a lot of these states and the groundwork is being laid already. >> i don't think mitt romney was there to leap-peep... >> alisyn: that always cracks me up. let's talk about nancy pelosi, who appeared at an n.a.a.c.p. event in charleston, south carolina, a big dinner they have, and they actually talked about how they'll have an answer to the tea party and first we want to talk to you about what knowns pelosi said and it will come as no surprise, probably, she talked about the bush administration years and looked back by saying, we know many in our country feel great
9:09 am
uncertainty about opportunity in america and are worried about their hold on the middle class and wonder whether their children will have a brighter future and people the reality of the growing disparity in income in the country in the country, our nation faces a choice, to keep moving forward or go backward to the failed policies of the past 8. >> is she including 6 years of the bush administration and two of the obama administration, i think not. >> clayton: she's not blaming herself. she took power in january of '07 and has a few years on the docket herself and still others and the 2004, campaign, still going strong for john kerry this morning, he has come out and made some comments that are getting -- ruffled a few feathers, and saying the problem right now, for the resentment in the united states of america, is that in fact, quote, we have an electorate that doesn't pay that much attention to what is going on. so, people are influenced by a simple slogan, rather than the facts or the truth or what is happening. he's saying it is simple for an
9:10 am
uninformed electorate to be out and might see a 30-second ad that says this about president obama, or this and they are influenced by that. >> alisyn: unfortunately for john kerry it doesn't help the reputation he earned as the bostonian, brahman elitist. he doesn't have this common touch, if you recall that is what everybody said -- not everybody, that is what he was painted with when he was running for president by his critics and things like that don't help and obviously, i mean, as i pointed out before, the tea party has it exactly it backwards, they understand every day americans understand run away debt, and the deficit, and, spending that is out of control, much more than politicians in washington do, who keep doing that, over and over. >> we all know people who are not informed. there is no question about that. in our lives, you have conversations of people, boy, you are completely out of touch, you are absolutely wrong on
9:11 am
those particular topics, are not well informed but no one wants to hear and i don't think that is the majority of america at all, nobody wants to hear... you are just not very bright if you are going to vote that way. that doesn't play well. >> clayton: that is a great point and i'm reminded of '04, when he'd speak and remember he'd go on long winded explanation of policy and nuance no one paid attention to and most people ignored -- that is one of reasons he lost. >> the droning on. >> clayton: the droning on. >> alisyn: he's a smart guy and obviously, very well educated, and bright, and, yes -- it is funny to hear him say that, know who would have said that effectively, bill clinton, he would never say because the common people don't understand. he would have said, i feel your pain, i understand why everybody is so angry. you know, he does it in a completely -- >> inform yourself and make the right decision on polling day. >> clayton: exactly. let us know what you think about
9:12 am
his comments, a woman kicked out of the polling place, because she was wearing a tea party shirt. hear what happened, first hand when she joins us live, next. >> alisyn: a military mom gives her son a big surprise. >>... and the home of the brave...♪ >> her son's very touching reaction, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i wanna hold your hand ♪ i wanna hold your hand ♪ please, say to me ♪ you let me be your man ♪... vegetables have important vitamins and minerals
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9:16 am
here, it hayes logo for the flagstaff tea party on it and she was told that she was electioneering and she is now suing and joyce us with her attorney, diane cohen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: let me start with you. as we understand it, you wear your tea party t-shirt every tuesday and because you have a tea party meeting and you wore it that tuesday and you went to the polling place and what did they tell you. >> when i got there i gave them my i.d. to vote and made it halfway down to get my ballot and two women swooped down on me from behind and said, you cannot wear that t-shirt here. you have to go out and get a jacket or change your shirt and i was really shocked. i said what? and she said, yes. you can't wear that here. you need to get your jacket and i said, i don't have a jacket, i'm -- i don't know what you are
9:17 am
talking about, why would my at that shirt be an issue and she said, well, it is a political thing, and, you need to cover it up. are not allowed to be in the polling place with that. and i said... >> alisyn: i'm sorry to interrupt, you were so confused you decided to call your county recorder, i believe, and say, is this a fact, i can't wear my tea party t-shirt when i go to vote. let me read for our audience what the state statute says there in aired -- arizona, a person may not remain inside while the polls are open except for the purpose of voting and no election nearing materials may be displayed within the 75 foot limit, ms. coen, i want to bring you in, is that electioneering diane was doing and if so, why should she be exempt from the rule. >> she was not electioneering,
9:18 am
she went in weather a t-shirt with a picture of the u.s. constitution on it. if that is electioneering or political, we are all in a lot of trouble. >> alisyn: yes. it is a tea party t-shirt and if a tea party candidate were running, that could be seen as an endorsement. >> you know, i don't think that is quite accurate. electioneering means to try to attempt to persuade or influence a voter on how to vote on a particular ballot. so, whether or not a tea party -- and there are many tea parties around the country, whether or not a tea party endorsed candidate is not determinative of whether one would be electioneering by wearing a tea party t-shirt like she did. >> alisyn: and i want to come back you, obviously, midterm elections are coming up and you want to wear your t-shirt and go to your polling place and you are suing now in order to do that. explain your lawsuit to us. >> well, basically, my lawsuit is to be able to wear my tea party t-shirt because when i did
9:19 am
complain to the secretary of state, they sent a letter down, saying in my particular case it wasn't electioneering and i felt i had every right to wear my shirt again and i'll do it again, november 2nd. >> alisyn: well, let us know what happens, with that toout suit a -- suit and how november 2nd goes for you. thanks for sharing your personal experience. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: coming up a school faces a $10 million bullying lawsuit after a family said their child suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after being picked on. will it set a precedent? judge jeanine pirro will join us. another bailout from the government. didn't we learn our lesson? who is saved by billions in federal dollars this time?
9:20 am
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>> clayton: welcome back to fox and friends. they say their child was bullied so bad he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result and now that maryland family is suing the soldier skim for $10 million, saying the school did not do enough to protect their child. >> joining us now, judge jeanine pirro. love the hair. >> thank you, thank you. >> this is such a big topic, all across america. bullying. and, so, this family thinks, they went to the school system, and, they didn't get the result they wanted, and the school system didn't step in and prevent the bullying. >> right. and we'll see more of these kinds of federal lawsuits and we have seen huge awards that have been gotten in these cases, 44 states have anti-bullying laws, the child was stabbed with pencils, punched, pushed into lower, restrained and the school
9:24 am
knew about it and the parents did everything they were supposed to do and at the end of the day the principal apologizes and says, i really dropped the ball, sorry about that. the kid is being attacked, in front of the teachers and they do nothing and suffers post-traumatic stress syndrome and bottom line, lawsuit, there will be recovery. here's what parents need to do, if you have a child that is being bullied you have to document it and, in this case there was a police report but the other parents have to be notified, that if your child is bullying mine, you are liable. >> i like that. it is note school system sticking pence into the kid's neck it is the bully. >> when it happens, you know what, mike, you can't go to school with your kids and if they are crying you don't want to go to school because they are being assaulted, the school has an obligation, and if they don't get it, remind them of civil lie betty and the board of education should be held accountable because the taxpayers will pay
9:25 am
at the end. >> alisyn: this next story, a tragic story, the mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder is accused of the second time, may be charged for the second time with giving her children anti-depressants, against the doctor's orders. why weren't the kids taken away the first time, the mother is giving kids prescription drugs. >> it is even worse. she was prosecuted, and, they said, look, we'll wipe your record clean if you go to mental health and two months later she's locked up in a car with her kids, slicing her throat in front of the kids, cutting their wrists and giving them the same anti-depressants and the father says, i don't want the kids to think less of their mother and maybe they should and maybe the child protective services should be held accountable for letting her go. clearly she's suffering from mental illness, problems, clearly, she needs help, but, you let her go and give her these kids and, they are in a car with her for almost two days. >> clayton: and the police had
9:26 am
to break done the windows to save the kids. unbelievable. let's talk about the prison overcrowding problem. we know we have a problem. a lot of criminals are behind bars and now the state of missouri in an attempt to combat this is alerting judges about the costs of sentencing criminals, putting them in prison, the cost of the legal system in practice. the practice put in place is causing a huge debate and you are a judge and -- do you want to hear this. >> i think it is hogwash and the state has absolutely no right in pressuring judges to not send people to jail. you know, you show me someone who is in prison for being a nonviolent offender for the first time and something insignificant and, i'll give you $100, but at the end of the day, this is what will happen. they'll say i saved the taxpayers all kind of money and the fact is i let out 98 people and this victimized more people. it is ridiculous to include the formula in a sentencing and they have a program where you can put the defendant's name, how much
9:27 am
it will cost. i was a judge, i was looked at, i would say, you know what? maybe this crime is not a significant crime, it will cost the state 500,000 to put him in jail, i am already thinking about that in some way, but it's not the overriding interest, how much is it -- >> dave: would you factor that? ? you could give them four years instead of five years. >> but if it is a e violent crime, don't think about it and, what -- in arizona a man pitched a tent and, if there is jail overcrowding i'll pitch a tent and put my corrections officers out there. >> alisyn: i surefire way to cut down on money. and pink underwear while you are at it. >> bows in their hair. >> you bring that up, and, my mind is in the gutter. you have to stop that, judge jeanine pirro. great to see you. >> good to see you, judge. >> alisyn: thank you, coming up a fox news alert, moments ago, john boehner is speaking out about the bush tax cuts, what he
9:28 am
said, we'll bring it to you after the break. >> clayton: united nations preparing for special visitors from outer space. we are the not kidding. they have a plan for dealing with aliens, we'll tell you about it. >> okay, here's the music... there are answers. celebrating 200 years of oktoberfest. and it is not even october! we like to get a head start here on "fox & friends." >> clayton: oktoberfest takes place in september! >> how about november? ♪ ♪ gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir.
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>> hear the news bong there, a "fox news alert" for, house minority leader john boehner shas spok-- has spoken out on f news about the bush tax cuts and what will happen. take a listen: >> speaker ought to promise a fair and open debate on making sure we extend all of the current tax rebates and getting our economy going again. i accepted -- it sounds like they will punt the ball until a lame duck session and as a result allow the uncertainty to continue, the economy to go slow, and, no jobs being created. >> talking about taking the vote, taking the vote -- extending the bush tax cuts, and, harry reid said it looks
9:33 am
like they'll do it after the election. in the senate, because they have to get it done by the end of the year, because they'll expire, those tax cuts. will expire at the end of the year. >> alisyn: and john boehner is saying, after the election it doesn't help us as much as if we knew before the election what will happen with those and he touches on that and he says, stop the uncertainty. nancy pelosi says he might be ready in her chamber for a vote as early as next week and maybe everybody can get it done before the midterm. >> i would like to know where everybody stands before i place my vote. >> clayton: we had a debate on our political panel earlier in the show and democrats, a lot of the centrist democrats, what they've said it, look we want to wait until after the election because we don't want our feet put into the fire and be held accountable for picking certain parts of a tax cut that will go into effect and letting certain votes, don't want to be helped to a vote but they are running for re-election and want to wait until after and handle it --
9:34 am
>> in other words, you don't want to be exposed, before the election. >> clayton: right. politicians, mike. >> why people don't trust congress. what is it up to 70%. >> clayton: they have an 11% approval rating. pretty good. >> alisyn: in the meantime, here's your headlines, what is happening at this hour, because we start with a "fox news alert," new video in from the west bank, israeli settlers hold a ceremony to mark the end of israel's moratorium on building settlements in the west bank. >> clayton: there goes the peace process. >> alisyn: and are pulling in construction equipment. eban expires at the end of the day, u.s. diplomats are working to try to save these peace talks, the palestinians threatened to pull out if israel resumes settlement building. well, a series of incidents in the skies to tell you about. a delta flight from seattle to amsterdam had to turn around shortly after take-off because of an unruly passenger and the passenger was taken to a medical facility, we are told and a delta flight from atlanta to westchester county, new york had
9:35 am
to make an emergency landing at jfk airport, because of faulty landing gear. the plane landed safely but it was a a shower of sparks, we're told no one was hurt and yesterday's bomb scare on board a pakistani airlines flight from toronto to karachi was a hoax and police are investigating. another day, another bailout. this time federal regulators unveiling a multibillion-dollar rescue of wholesale credit unions, hit hardest by the country's real estate collapse and in an effort to stabilize them the government will issue up to $35 billion in government back bonds and taxpayers will not foot the will. -- the bill. good know. meanwhile, matthew is now drenching southern mexico, a day after weakening to a tropical depression, though the storm's movement is expected to slow down, parts of mexico and guatemala can still expect 6-10 inches of rain, many residents are worried about the
9:36 am
possibility of severe mudslides and flash flooding. family day, in massachusetts and became an extra special day for star football player aaron bird because his mother, karla murphy was supposed to be finishing her tour in afghanistan and that is, until she stepped onto the field for a surprise performance of the national anthem. >> ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave [cheers and applause]. >> alisyn: murphy, had returned from afghanistan early, her son, choking back tears, after the performance. >> i missed her a lot. i have been texting her every day, and, e-mailing her every day. i had to call her every day. >> alisyn: the mom is glad see her son, so happy. >> i almost cried there. >> alisyn: if you almost cried don't go see the documentary, "waiting for superman" and i saw it yesterday, the much talked about documentary about our
9:37 am
failing public school system. it is such a tear-jerker because all of these kids who you are seeing there, their lives, basically, their futures, are dependent upon their education and there are these pivotal moments in the movie about whether they will go to -- go on to great and bright futures or to prison. >> philadelphia, at least a thousand kids on a waiting list to get into the mastery charter schools, there are 6 or 7 of them in philadelphia, and, it is getting a lot of publicity because of oprah, so many people watch the show and she said, if you see any film at all, over the next 2-3 years, this is the one to see, because, it highlights just how bad things are in our educational system. >> clayton: the producer of the movie had a chance to speak out about this. listen to leslie chillcott, the producer and she says we do not value our teachers. take' listen. >> one of the biggest things, which you think we would remember here in america, is
9:38 am
that teachers rewarding, supporting and grooming teachers, are one noefs important things we can do and we have a cultural kind of prestige deficit here in america and don't truly value our teachers. to question some things, like, protecting bad teachers, or maybe how you get tenure or the fact that really, amazing teachers that are teaching and doing amazing things are not getting rewarded, i think to question those things is healthy and i don't think it means you are against unions. >> clayton: people are upset, obviously, about it and we had a debate about it on the show and she's the producer and if i'm not mistaken did "an inconvenient truth,". >> alisyn: we had a teacher on from the new york public school system and she said she saw many myths in the movie and we had a parent on, who objected to some of the findings in the movie, that they basically lay the blame at the feet of teachers and teachers unions, here's what
9:39 am
they said. >> one of the mainly issues is the film kind of sets up this correlation between student achievement and unions and it is simply untrue. virginia is a right-to-work state, and they have some of the worst enginducational outcomes the country and finland, an example of educational opportunity, is pro union and a unionized educational system. >> it should not be about charter versus district. charter schools are public schools and district schools are public schools and like the movie said, one out of five charters are successful. so, neither system is perfect. we need to sit around a table and talk about fixing our public school system as a whole. >> a good point. >> clayton: we come up with band-aid solution for education and we have known we had the problem for 40 years and the president spoke about it and saying, we don't need to be second or third to anyone in the world for math, science, reading.
9:40 am
>> alisyn: and we are much lower than that, by the way. >> clayton: 23 on the list. >> alisyn: in the movie they make a compelling case it is because of the teachers unions, they protected incompetent teachers and showed how hard it is to fire teachers for reprehensible behavior and they have rubber room where teachers are paid, teachers who would have been fired but are paid their full salary and are sitting around in a room. >> because we all know teachers, most of the people i know are teachers and i hate all the good ones in the public school systems get all wrapped up in the bad teacher talk. when they are so good at what they do. >> alisyn: you make a great point and there are beacons of hope in the movie, if you have a great teacher, it is the difference for some of these kids whether you go to prison or go on to the future. >> oh, and the lottery things, where you are waiting, is my kid going to get into the charter school, and there are many people who want in, they have to do a lottery and pick balls out of a drum, and, if you don't get
9:41 am
picked, these parents believe and break into tears, and they fall to the floor, because they think their child's life is ruined because they didn't get into the school. >> clayton: are you planning on seeing the film or your thoughts on education,, coming up, on the show, the white house laying out a multibillion-dollar plan to help small businesses but many of them say the administration is doing more harm than good. and, hear what they are worried about, coming up next, here on the love shack. >> alisyn: are you guys ready to become handymen? hgtv's scott is here, with what tools and tips we need to be our own ultimate handy man! >> i get the sense you'll watch the show, no matter what he talks about. >> clayton: he'll be shirtless. >> shirtless with a tool belt. >> ♪ ♪
9:42 am
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>> back to "fox and friends," a news alert, a earthquake has shaken parts of indonesia, the earthquake measured magnitude 6.0, no immediate reports of damage or injury, and we'll keep you posted. the u.n. has an official alien greeter. this is no joke. the malaysian scientist, she will be named that's first contact for earth. for any extraterrestrials that may come visiting. she's currently the head of the u.n.'s office for outer space affairs. >> ♪ ♪ do, do, do, do... >> thank you, clayton. house republicans unveiled their pledge to america which has similar attributes to the contract the g.o.p. came out with in 1994, contract with america but when put head-to-head which document comes out on top and is the pledge a worthy successor to contract with america? fox news contributor and pollster, frank luntz joins us. you and i go back that far,
9:46 am
1994. contract with america. where do you see the similarities, and how are they different? >> well, let's compare to it 2006 and the democratic pledge, called 6 for '06 and you never heard from it. they announced it and the only person who campaigned on it was nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said we are just trying to close the deal. it's not about a deal in 2010, it is about americans that are anxious and very angry about the future and you have to give kevin mccarthy, the congressman from bakersfield, california the credit for the document. he said, look, the american people deserve a commitment from the republican party, this is what they will do, if they get the majority, specific information there on health care, specific information on spending, on national security, and, i think the most important aspect of the pledge is small business owners, because, they they're backbone of the economy, our most trusted profession and
9:47 am
entrepreneur, small business owner and there is so much in the pledge to america for them, that i think they are going to have a record turnout and vote, for the g.o.p. in 2010. >> you do? you have done polling on that, have you? how encouraged are they? how bad is it? >> well you have to look at the u.s. chamber of commerce poll, nonpartisan, i conducted it with doug schoen, former pollster for bill clinton and, 40% of small business owners don't know if they'll be in existence five years from now and they are angry and frustrated with what is coming out of the congress and white house, they don't care whether it is democratic or republican and, they -- you guys have numbers from the u.s. chamber poll. >> yes, 59%, think they are encouraged about the way things are going and 59% say, absolutely not, i'm not encouraged at all. >> and when you get that kind --
9:48 am
when you get 6 out of ten small business owners, that are genuinely afraid of the direction of the country, you know something significant is happening and you have to look at jobs, the fact that they are not hiring, they hare afraid of the future and afraid of investment. if you have a couple of other numbers, this is affirmational for why the country is not moving ahead. >> the business owners are looking at, how do the new reviews and regulations go into effect, and, the numbers here, are you encouraged or discouraged? 64% say they are discouraged. they will voice that discouragement at the polls. >> but i'm actually as a pollster someone who listens to them and i'm more concerned about what they do in a day-to--- their day-to-day lives and election is within day and the small businesses may not be around until 2012 and, for them politics is hurting them, all they are asking from washington is to wake-up, listen up and, quite frankly, in a word, stop.
9:49 am
the health care bill for them is painful. and it is calling them to spend less on their employees, to give them less in health care benefits, and, doug schoen, again, this is a nonpartisan, democrat and republican sitting down together, and what we heard from the public, enough is enough. >> frank we have these numbers, how does congress and the obama administration make you feel about making long term business decisions. and, future business investments. look at those numbers. 23%, are confident, 67% uncertain. not confident at all. frank, look at your numbers, appreciate your time today, on this sunday morning. >> a pleasure, thank you. want to fix up your home without emptying your wallet? of course you do. we have five projects that you can actually do, you think you can replace a faucet? that guy there, ali says, can teach her anything!
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> we have our protective headwear on because today's economy, more people are becoming "do-it-yourself"ers. hgtv has embraced that idea with the new show, "all american handy man", and 20 contestants test their skills. >> what's in the box -- why can't anyone think outside the box. >> did they line up their boards? what is it? i can't identify half of those things, i was making up what they were. >> joining us now, scott is the jue of the all american handy man and is here to gives tips. good morning, scott. >> good morning. >> why are we the only ones who look like fools. >> you look like the village people... >> well, i think... one more
9:54 am
helmet, that is mine, i guess. >> alisyn: they know i'll be working with tools and the ambulance is standing by! >> i have a tool belt. >> alisyn: i love accessorizing. >> the weekend warrior thing. >> here we go... >> alisyn: here we go! i'm not sure i was meant to wear a tool belt. >> you weren't born to work. >> i believe you will be able to show us how to do complicate things like replacing pictures and kitchen cabinetry. >> we cannot do that out here but we can talk about the tools we are looking for, when it comes to handymen. a good idea. we have -- you have the tape measure already. you have to have this. >> absolutely -- >> you cannot get the eyeball things, because i have tried that. >> actually, you can use the whole -- makes you look like a pro, when carrying this around all the time. >> and even if you are not doing
9:55 am
work around the house. >> she thinks you are doing work. >> i have to measure stuff. >> at least you look the part, right? hook it over something and double check it and, really, nonchalantly, let it retract on its own. >> i love that. >> alisyn: what are the other four must-have tools. >> i don't know if you touched a drill. >> i never have, but i... >> hold it, there she goes. >> alisyn: i like i -- i like it. >> all the different settings on this, you can switch in and out... >> and you can flip on the front of these things and have the battery pack and use it for hanging up all kind of stuff. and this is a must-have for any handy man. all you need it's a... well, jack and jill of all trades. >> if i had a hammer... >> okay. let it be, put your money where your mouth is. >> you call that a hammer? this is a hammer! >> whoa!
9:56 am
>> i hate to whip it out, but you got excited. >> alisyn: yes. >> this is a hammer. >> for everything, you need these things, you need a wrench. >> wrench and pliers, and, you know, the top five things we say a handy man has to carry, maybe in their pack here, in their belt, we have the tape measure, the drill, we have pliers and wrenches and... >> one final thing i wanted to get to, the stud-finder. maybe i can hand to it alisyn and see if she can -- >> alisyn: we-we-we-we-we! >> the stud finder is cool, though, all jokes aside. and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix,
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find out how you can save money on your prescription ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ >> joanne gross, happy 80th birthday to you, joanne gross. >> alisyn: oh, and tune in tonight for the finale of all american handy man. >> that's right. e'

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